Moose Hunting
Experience moose hunting in areas with some of the highest moose population densities in the world! Whether you are gun hunting or bow hunting the opportunities are tremendous. We had 4 guests bow hunting moose (in 2001) who experienced sightings of over 120 moose in 1 week! We are proud to be outfitting in areas where you can experience some of the best moose, woodland caribou and black bear hunting in the world!

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Come hunt the true "Monarch of the North" on an island that offers the most exciting and successful moose hunting on the continent!

Moose Hunting !

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(Hunting dates 2004)
An Island with 120,000 moose! The highest density moose population in North America!! Our success rate for 2015 was 100%! August 30 through September 12 is an exclusive bowhunting season. September 13 through October is open to either gun or bow. High density moose and low pressure hunting combine to yield opportunities that are second to none! The overall success rate for non resident hunters is far above any other region on the continent!
We had one group of 4 bow hunters (during the 2015 moose bow season) who experieced over 120 moose sightings in 1 week!

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